Tax Assessor Mobile App

Utilizing mobile computing technology, we are now testing our Tablet App to aid appraisers in locating properties and collecting data. The app can run on IPad, IPhone, Android, and Tablet PCs.


  • Search and GeoLocation: Find a property using district, map, and parcel id, or search by Owner’s name, street address or Lat/Long.
  • Display parcel data and mapping
  • GPS location: Zoom to users current location
  • Identify: Click/tap to get parcel data
  • Driving Directions: Take advantage of services offered by Google, Map Quest or Bing.
  • (soon) PF12 form entry: IAS data entry for appraiser
  • (soon) Addition / Structure measurement by simple diagram

Additional Info – Jerry Workman

Screen Shots

Owner Instant Search Dialog

Search Start

Search List

IAS Data